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I'm just a Teenage Dirtbag, baby. My name's Rachel and I'm 16 years old. I'm a punk-rocker chic who loves wrestling, music and literature. 5 of my fave music artists, bc I can go on forever, are Green Day, One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Halestorm and Three Days Grace. 5 Favorite Movies, The Outsiders, The Breakfast Club, Secret Admirer, The (original) Karate Kid, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 5 fave shows: Arrow, Hemlock Grove, Teen Wolf, Orange Is The New Black, and Teen Titans. I have a lot of other favorite stuff, but if you wanna know more just ask me. I don't bite...Hard.
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Anonymous asked: Hey its Alexis. K bai


Alexis as in my bestie Directioner/5SOS fangirling friend EVER Alexis, You mean THE Alexis Horan-Irwin, MY FUTURE FLATMATE AND COWORKER AT STARBUCKS THAT I LOVE SO VERY MUCH BC OF OUT PASSION FOR 1D AND 5SOS??? WASSUP MAMA KNIGHT??? (omg sorry I just had to put a BTR reference) 

"How do you help a friend with their problems when you’re going through the same thing?"


If you both are going through the same problems, try to find a solution together. Two heads are better than one. See if you two can get help from a teacher together. Remember, your needs are important too. Don’t be too time consumed with their needs.DO however, make it clear with your friend that you have similar problems but you are still there to support them. 
If you’re going through Hell, keep going. 

Take care! 

"What do you do when someone loves you, but you don’t love them back?"


If they don’t know that you don’t have any feelings of affection for them, try to tell them in the most careful and nicest way possible. Hopefully you’re flattered… But if they really love you, they’ll understand that you have feelings for someone else, or no one at all. Someone who loves you would want the best for you, and wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around them. 
Best of luck, friend! 

And then we have Liam singing My Humps x

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These are just a handful of my friends from school. These are my Sophomore friends, a.k.a My old-young friends. Older, because they’re a grade above me, younger, because they’re 15 and I’m 16. But nonetheless, they never cease to give me great advice, make me smile, rant about random things with me, and etc.

Andrea: Is like my weird, rap-loving, fun-loving, all-around good-hearted friend who I’ve run into last year, but this year we are so much closer, thanks to our equal semi-stalking ways. And I’m always gonna love her <3

Tyler: Right now, all we say to each other is Hi, but sooner or later we will become talkative and weird buddies.

Jeremiah: For the moment, is an acquaintance. We say hi, have a weird encounter with each other, have a small conversation, but sooner or later we are going to be best friends.

Melissa: Is like my other half…But the complete opposite. She’s the absolute most girliest person I know, and since day one, we have shared our love of One Direction together. I’m a punk-rock major, she excels in the bubbly, pop-loving culture of society. I drink soda, coffee and love to sit on my ass all day, she loves drinking water, tea and working out to stay fit. I love Black, Blood Red and Purple, she loves Pink, Mint green and Lavender. I love Lzzy Hale, she loves Miley Cyrus. I love Billie Joe Armstrong, she likes (ew) Justin Bieber. But no matter what I’ve always got her back. She’s the Claire to my Allison <3

And Julian: Is my growing guys best friend. We went from knowing absolutely nothing about each other to telling each other secrets we’ve never told anyone else before. He’s the only guy I’ve put my absolute trust in for quite some time, and he can come to me whenever he needs or wants to. We share our dorky interests in certain video games, Superheroes, health issues, all of that crap. He’s the Joker to my Scarecrow, the Captain America to my Iron Man, the Jyrone to my Calliqua. Haha, long story short he’s the PewDiePie to my Shane Dawson and I’m always gonna have his back, whether we hate each other inside school and get each other in trouble with our paper fights or whether we have deep and random conversations on Facebook. 

And those are just a couple of my Sophomore friends from school, and a handful of friends in general. Don’t hate on any of them, because I love them like family. <3


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